Happy Holidays and See You Later!

     Well, the holidays are upon us and so is the snow! I, for one, love it -- but soon I'll be off to visit my brothers in Europe (England and Italy), where it's more likely to rain, and when I return -- I won't be writing any more blogs! It's been an interesting experiment ... almost, but not interesting enough for me to continue it. Meanwhile, I've just finished working on a show for Copernicus Studios, which I expect to resume in the New Year. Since my last post, I've also finished teaching and I expect to resume that, too, in January. Work on the Houdini graphic novel is in the client's court at the moment, so now it's clear sailing until I leave ... tomorrow! So, with that ... farewell, so long, arrivederci, etc., etc.  Thanks to anyone who bothered to read this. May we all have a better next year than we had this year. Cheerio!