What's up.

Hello, again! I'm back and so are you - hurrah! Or maybe you're here for the first time. Either way, you're not missing much. Nothing much has changed since last month. I still have freelance work to do on the 'Houdini' graphic novel, I'm still teaching ('though my Monday class ended last week and my Sat. class ends tomorrow) and I'm still working for Copernicus Studios, here in Halifax. Life is good. The other positive elements have been in my personal life, but I don't care to get into that sort of thing in a professional post. I can tell you, since last month, that I have had a birthday (guess) and that I am going to Europe for Christmas to visit my brothers, which brings me to this month's thumbnail image - a drawing I did of my nephew and his girlfriend, when they were visiting me last summer. Enjoy.