Don't Shoot "The Burning Messenger!"

Good evening,

     Thus far, I'm making every effort to update this blog every two weeks. So far, so good.

     This is this week's update, in the form of a thumbnail image of my latest drawing - an illustration for a story called "The Burning Messenger", by Halifax writer Matt Sullivan. This story was published, last year, in 'Swords Against Cthulu', an anthology of H.P. Lovecraft-inspired stories, published by Rogue Planet Press and it has since been re-edited and submitted for publication in 'Skelos', a magazine celebrating the life and work of famed fantasy author, Robert E. Howard.

     I've done a private commission for Matt before and was happy to do so again, when he asked. I'm not positive that his story has been accepted yet but, given the quality of his work and his dedication to the source material, I have little doubt that it soon will be.

     Matt's work can also be found in Horrified Press's Lovecraft-inspired anthology, 'The Fall of Cthulu'. MY work can be seen HERE - at my website: .

     So there you go. Remember to never underestimate the pernicious sway of The Elder Gods from The Nether Realms ... particularly when wiping Your Nether Regions.




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