So Much For That ...

.... keeping up a bi-weekly blog post schedule, that is! I shouldn't have said anything. Instead of 2 weeks, it's been a month - a month, today, in fact! - so let's make this a MONTHLY blog post, shall we? We shall!

     Meanwhile, winter's drawing (get it?) to a close (cue major snowstorm) and so is my winter teaching. My Tue. and Sat. drawing classes, at the Lebrun Centre in Bedford, have ended and my Monday class ends next week, on the second day of spring. My NSCAD Comics & Visual Storytelling class ends on the following Wednesday. However, each of these classes are set to resume in Apr., except for the NSCAD class which starts on the first Wed. in May. Also, tomorrow, I resume my Thu. afternoon comics tutoring for Susan MacLeod and that's expected to continue indefinitely, which means until one of us pulls the plug.

     There are also drawing projects afoot, as well, but they're all in mid-process, so I won't say much more about it - except that one of them is due on Apr. 12, which will be shortly before my next blog post! Convenient, eh? Maybe by then, I'll have learned to include larger images that are actually visible in the posts, other than just in the thumbnail image on the left.

Ciao for now,


Halifax, N.S., Canada