3 Days Late!

'Sorry about that! Maybe I'll give up this blog business - but not just yet. Meanwhile, here's a thumbnail image of "The Walrus", from Arthur Canning's 'Fog City'.

Since I last posted, I started my spring sessions for the kids' Sketch & Draw sessions that I run at the Lebrun Centre in Bedford (Nova Scotia, Canada). This spring, I've added a 'Comics & Visual Storytelling' course for 12-15 year-olds, which I've added to the Sat. schedule at the Lebrun Centre. It's similar to the course of the same name that I've been teaching at NSCAD, except it's simplified for kids. Speaking of which, with a bit of extra promotional effort, the adult version of 'Comics & Visual Storytelling' - the one I teach at NSCAD - is going ahead, having had to be postponed by a week to give people more of a chance to sign up for it. Luckily, they did and the spring session started a week ago. Life is good.

Also, I've resumed work on Magicana's 'Houdini: The Bullet Catch' graphic novel. Perhaps I'll post something about that next month, when I have a little more done!