Beware The Ides Of April!

Especially if it's snowing, as it did this Apr. 15. Anyway, big deal - I live in the northeast and this is what happens, so it's hardly newsworthy. Here's what's new with me:

I've just finished two jobs this week! One is a pair of coloured illustrations for a pitch package proposing a film adaptation of Samuel Delaney's 'Nova' novel. The other is a black & white illustration of Nova Scotian Olympic gymnast, Ellie Black. It was done for a colouring book to be published by the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame. I'll try to include one of those images here.

Meanwhile, I've resumed teaching my adult drawing classes for the spring session, at the Lebrun Centre, in Bedford - and tomorrow, I'll be resuming teaching my two drawing classes for kids, plus adding a new class: Comics & Visual Storytelling for teens! That all begins in less than 12 hours and I'm still not ready! So - back to work, then! See you next month!