Summer '16 and What's Been Going On.

Hi, folks,

    Well, it's the summer of '16 and it's been good, so far. I'm a few days late with this post, but so what? Sue me.

     Since my last post, I've completed a storyboard job on a t.v. pilot called 'Sea Change' - being filmed as I write this - by the producer's of SyFy's cult-hit series, 'Haven'. Film and television work has picked up this year, in Nova Scotia, since last year's Liberal govt. film tax credit debacle. I've also completed the "thumbnail" layouts of 87 pages of a graphic novel called 'Houdini: The Bullet Catch'. That project's on hold, for the moment, while the editors catch up on other work. Meanwhile, this month's thumbnail image is from the penultimate storyboard page of the 'Sea Change' teaser. I'll see you next month in about 4 weeks.