The Summer Days Of Dogs

     Work, work, work ... and some play.

     When last we met, I had just finished laying out an 87-page graphic novel story called 'Houdini: The Bullet Catch' - so this month's thumbnail is a page from that project!

     After that, I went straight into storyboards for the third episode of a Stephen King t.v. series called 'The Mist', which will be running for a half-season on Spike TV - some time next year, presumably. I nearly worked on the second episode of that series, but the director (David Boyd, of 'Walking Dead' and 'Firefly' fame) ran out of time to meet with me. We had a great time figuring out the 'boards for the third scene, though. Also, I might still be storyboarding the fourth episode, but I won't know that for another 2 or 3 days.

     Meanwhile, I've been picked up to do background layouts for Copernicus Studios on a show about which I'm not allowed to say much. Suffice to say, it's for the Dalt Wisney Company, based in a mysterious and exotic foreign land and features the animated exploits of a couple of animated foodstuffs.

     At the moment, however, I'm about to begin storyboarding the first of three episodes of a six-part mini-series called 'Pure'. I probably shouldn't say much about that either, so I'll just give you the elevator pitch: Mennonite Drug Mules.

     So, there you go. Cheerio.