Autumn Is My Favourite Time Of Year!

     Maybe that should be my excuse for these blog posts getting later and later! Actually, I've just been busy and distracted with work. Since last I wrote, I've finished storyboarding the sixth episode of 'The Mist', which I began last month. I'd also completed background layout drawings on the first episode of the second season of the Disney show that Copernicus Studios is helping to produce. I and the others in my department are now working on the seventh episode. Also, my NSCAD class has resumed, as I hoped that it would, so I'm teaching three times a week, while working a full work-week at Copernicus.

     All of which, brings me back to 'Houdini: The Bullet Catch' - the graphic novel on which I'm doing the art and lettering with writer and Toronto magician, David Ben. I've had drawing revisions to do on that project for nearly two months now, but they'll be finished soon and then I'll have no more freelance work for a while. I'll probably even give up this blog post! Not yet, though. I'll wait until the new year to make a decision about that. Anyway, I'd add a page from the Houdini project as my thumbnail image for this month's blog, but I already did that in August, so instead I'll post a storyboard page from a project that hasn't yet appeared on my website. The storyboard page is from a Canadian TV series called 'Pure'. I'd tell you more about it, but the show hasn't premiered yet, so I should keep quiet about it. That said, I can pitch it to you in three words: Mennonite drug mules.

     Enjoy Autumn.